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Adaptation to ANY individuals needs and goals is what I pride myself on.  I have worked with clients from 8 years old all the way up to 83 years old.  development of athletics and coordination, aesthetics, lean muscle hypertrophy, weight loss, postural training, symmetrical balance, exercise for older adults are just scratching the surface of what I provide to a client.

I have a truly unique program that mixes the ever growing advancements in functional movements with the proven age old fitness techniques that have been studied for decades.

I believe that there is always something new to learn. I love working with other professionals in the field and diving into the infinite pool of knowledge that research and studies have uncovered.

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What people say



Jeff Grinspoon, Client

"I have  been working with Jon for 4+ years almost five days a week when I am in town. He is conscientious, attentive and very gifted at what he does.  When I tell him some body part is bothering me or just sore, he listens carefully and adapts the workout to fit the need of the day. He is very good about taking a team approach and makes the effort to call or contact my physical therapists to see how best to treat an injury. When I am healthy he knows how and when to push my body to challenge my limits."


Jon Foley, Client

"I have been working with professional fitness trainers for twenty-years and have learned to highly value the expertise Jon offers from the slight but crucial modification of a safe, powerful squat to the daily creation of compelling and effective workouts to the weekly balance of training and recovery and the year-over-year vision of how we get to the goals of how I want to look, feel, move and just be.  Working with Jon now gives me confidence that I can still be doing what I want both in the gym and outside on the mountains thirty years from now."


Cindy Stillman, Client

"Jon has a depth of knowledge that allows me even after years of training together to improve my technique and performance and a flexible breadth that makes him as effective on high-intensity power-sweat days as on recovery or recuperation days.  He’s worked seamlessly with any PT program needed to get me back on track.  All of this is balanced by a professional humility that strengthens my confidence in him and his judgment because I know he knows his limits.  He’s not going to ask me to do something that he knows I can’t do safely and that he hasn’t done himself before." 


Michael Stolper, Client

I’ve trained with Jon Lipp for several years. First of all, he is reliable. Those of us from a business background expect our  human resources to be reliable and punctual. Lipp also recognizes that regimens must be customized for the age and physical  condition of his clients. This is not a simple task of altering protocols- an overly aggressive set of exercises and/or repetitions   can cause more damage than good.


Lipp is aware and responsive to the need to vary routines to avoid client boredom. 


Although this may seem irrelevant, Jon is habitually pleasant-never moody. Those of us lucky enough to find a good trainer understand that moods, good and bad, are infectious- the last thing we want is to be paying and interacting regularly with someone who is toxic.


Finally, I have found his fees to be more than competitive, which in Aspen is a pleasant surprise.


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How it works


Throughout my years of training I have traveled with clients, worked with individuals in sub optimal settings, and trained in world class facilities.  With this experience I have learned how to be extremely efficient and effective with almost every piece of equipment you can think of.  Let me come to you and develop a program specifically for you using what is available in your setting.

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